Moving to Rancho Cucamonga – 8 Reasons Why You Should

Kevin Shin Team
Published on June 9, 2017

Moving to Rancho Cucamonga – 8 Reasons Why You Should

Moving to Rancho Cucamonga, CA? Here’s a Complete Guide

 Are you moving to Rancho Cucamonga? Maybe you know someone who is? Make sure you read this article so you know what you are getting into when moving to Rancho Cucamonga. Not that you should fear moving to Rancho Cucamonga of course, but just so you fall in love with the city even before making the move. Removing all bias aside, I am here to let you know the 8 reasons why moving to Rancho Cucamonga will be one of the best decisions you will make.

Before I dive into these 8 great reasons that will make you want to move as quickly as you can, let me tell you some of the more boring, but still useful facts about Rancho Cucamonga.

<img src="Rancho Cucamonga Seal.jpg" alt="Moving to Rancho Cucamonga"/>

  • Population: 174,305
  • Unemployment rate: 3.7 % compared to California’s overall unemployment rate of 5.2%
  • Median Home Price: $446,250
  • Median Household Income: $77,835

So, what makes Rancho Cucamonga so great? Well…

Rancho Cucamonga has Stunning Views

<img src="San Gabriel Mountains.jpg" alt="Moving to Rancho Cucamonga"/> Many residents have forgotten to appreciate the beautiful views we have of the San Gabriel Mountains that are literarily at our backdoors because we are so used to them. Come winter and these gorgeous mountains become covered in snow and offer a stunning view. Winter isn’t the only time these majestic mountains offer beautiful photo-worthy moments; each sunrise and sunset against those mountains will leave you in awe as well.

 A friend came down to visit from San Francisco this past January and she couldn’t stop commenting on how beautiful and close the San Gabriel Mountains are to Rancho Cucamonga and jokingly mentioned she would quit her job and move down here if she could.

Rancho Cucamonga Offers Plenty of Great Restaurants

 If you are considering moving to Rancho Cucamonga and are a big foodie, then you are in for some luck! For starters, we don’t just have one, but two In N Outs. Yes, you heard correctly. In N Out seems to be all of our go to spot for delicious “fast food” burgers, however based on the most recent Harris Poll, Five Guys trumped In N Out’s number one spot. I am not here to say whether or not I agree with this but to only tell you that Rancho Cucamonga is also home to a Five Guys. You can feel free to be the judge as to what burger is better.

Fast food is great once in a while but who doesn’t love some fine dining options right?  There are so many great restaurants in Rancho Cucamonga, I don’t know where to start! For starters, let me give you a short list of well-known restaurants as a sneak peak of what you can expect when moving to Rancho Cucamonga.

In no particular order:

Not only does Rancho Cucamonga have enticing restaurants like the ones mentioned above, but what many Rancho Cucamonga residents are looking forward to is the opening of Haven City Market in 2018. This “market” will include a food hall, a gourmet food market, and retail space for food and beverage boutiques. 2018 can’t come any quicker!

Rancho Cucamonga Schools

If you are considering moving to Rancho Cucamonga, you want to do thorough research regarding the schools available for your kids, or future kids. Rancho Cucamonga has nothing short of amazing schools. For example, in 2016, the Etiwanda Elementary School District received the California Gold Ribbon Schools Award. This award honors public schools that show improved student outcomes as measured through Standardized Testing.

 <img src="Los Osos High.jpg" alt="Moving to Rancho Cucamonga"/>

School Districts in Rancho Cucamonga:

Alta Loma School District – 10 schools

Cucamonga School District – 4 schools

Central School District – 7 schools

Chaffey Joint Union High School District – 4 schools

Etiwanda School District – 16 schools

You can read more about the California Gold Ribbon Schools Award and information regarding other Rancho Cucamonga schools by clicking here.

Rancho Cucamonga has Job Opportunities

According to Glassdoor, there are currently 23,863 jobs available in Rancho Cucamonga. This city has seen lots of expansion and growth within the last couple of years and hasn’t slowed down for quite some time now. New shops and restaurants are always popping up; as soon as one door closes another one opens. Don’t fear when moving to Rancho Cucamonga, there is plenty of opportunity here.

A sound job market is a very good thing for home values. Economic growth typically equates to a growing equity for your home. Something to consider if moving to Rancho Cucamonga; your home will be a good investment.

About Rancho Cucamonga’s Nightlife

Rancho Cucamonga’s nightlife has slowly been becoming better and better. The majority of restaurants and bars offer happy hour so it is a wise idea to call ahead to make sure you take advantage of those discounted drinks and appetizer prices.

<img src="Happy Hour.jpg" alt="Moving to Rancho Cucamonga"/>

A great place that recently opened is Punch Bowl Social in Victoria Gardens. This place has it all, good music, food and drinks and games. Make sure you try one of their punches…let me just say, you won’t be paying for a weak drink. We can all drink to that!

Big Al’s, which happened to open a few months earlier this year in the city of Ontario is also a great place to enjoy yourself on a weekend night…or even during the week, who’s judging right? Both these places offer the same concept of arcade games, retro games like ping pong and giant Jenga, food and drinks all under the same roof.

If clubbing is your scene, Downtown Riverside, Pomona and Fullerton are all 40 mins away or less from Rancho Cucamonga. There’s no excuse to have a good time!

Rancho Cucamonga is Close to Many Getaways

<img src="SoCal Beach.jpg" alt="Moving to Rancho Cucamonga"/>Rancho Cucamonga is conveniently located close enough to many local destinations fit for a day-cation or a weekend getaway.  Another win for moving to Rancho Cucamonga! Catch a couple waves or have a bonfire at our beautiful Southern California beaches or go snowboarding at everyone’s favorite place, Bear Mountain in Big Bear.

Or maybe go apple picking and cider making at the various farms Oak Glen is home to or go zip lining and exploring in Catalina Island. Also, Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and Universal Studios are all just an hour or so away, so if you are feeling up for it, purchase those annual passes and head out there for some amusement park fun. There are so many options for you to choose from; you will always find somewhere close enough to Rancho Cucamonga that you can enjoy staying for a day or two.

Rancho Cucamonga’s Crime Rate is Low

Moving to Rancho Cucamonga is a great decision if you want to live in a peaceful, and clean city where the crime rate is low. Per WalletHub, Rancho Cucamonga was named one of 2017’s Happiest Places to Live. Why is that? Well one of the reasons is that residents seldomly have to worry about crime here in Rancho Cucamonga. In comparison to surrounding cities, Rancho Cucamonga is the lowest ranked in how dangerous each city is.

<img src="Crime Rate.jpg" alt="Moving to Rancho Cucamonga"/>

Does this mean that you shouldn’t watch over your kids? No of course not, it is important to always keep a watchful eye of your kids wherever you are, but you can have peace of mind knowing that it is highly unlikely that you will be mugged as you shop at Victoria Gardens or go on a nice bike ride or walk on the Pacific Electric Trail.

Easy to Travel to and From Rancho Cucamonga

A thing to keep in mind when moving into any city will be how accessible an airport is. When moving to Rancho Cucamonga, I am sure some family members, if not all, will want to come visit you over the holidays or vice versa. Having an airport close enough to facilitate with traveling is ideal.

<img src="LAX.jpg" alt="Moving to Rancho Cucamonga"/>

The good news is that Rancho Cucamonga is super easy to travel into and out of all thanks to the Ontario International Airport (ONT) which is just a city away; about a 10-minute drive depending on where in Rancho Cucamonga you reside.

Aside from ONT, about an hour and a half away is the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), one of the bigger airports available for travel. LAX offers travelers all the major airlines therefore the cost of flights will be slightly less since travelers will need fewer connecting flights to get to their destination. And like I said it’s only about an hour and a half away from Rancho Cucamonga which isn’t so bad. I don’t think anyone ever complained about having to choose between two airports.

Final Thoughts on Moving to Rancho Cucamonga

 Have I sold you yet on moving to Rancho Cucamonga? I do hope so; I just can’t convey what a great city this is to see your kids grow up in and enjoy as well. I have lived in Rancho Cucamonga for 10 years already and I don’t see myself moving to any other city; it is such a great place to live, work and entertain oneself in. If you are seriously considering moving to Rancho Cucamonga or have any questions, let me know!

I’ll be more than happy to make your transition into Rancho Cucamonga as smoothly as possible by answering any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to text me if that is more convenient for you at 909-500-4777. If you know anyone thinking about moving to Rancho Cucamonga, make sure to share this information with them.

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Moving to Rancho Cucamonga – 8 Reasons Why You Should
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