Poke Places in Rancho Cucamonga

Kevin Shin Team
Published on June 28, 2017

Poke Places in Rancho Cucamonga

The popularity of poke has increased very rapidly over night it seems. I was speaking with my friend the other day and he mentioned how he had gone to check out AhiPoki in Upland for their soft opening and all I could think was that there is no way I can keep track of all these new poke places popping up. You do a quick Google search and they are everywhere…everywhere!

Before I get side-tracked, let’s focus on the poke places in Rancho Cucamonga. There are four total poke places in Rancho Cucamonga for now, but hey, come next month and we might just have a new place to choose from. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised, but I wouldn’t mind either; the more the merrier.

So, let me give you the breakdown of poke places in Rancho Cucamonga, prices, proteins to pick from, toppings, the whole 411. The four poke places in Rancho Cucamonga are, in no particular order:

  • Shipjack Poke Co.
  • The Poke Spot
  • Honeyfish Poke
  • The Poke Place

Shipjack Poke Co.


Shipjack Poke Co. is one of the newest poke places in Rancho Cucamonga; the reviews have improved ever since they had their soft opening this past March. Among the four, this place is the most expensive for the protein scoops you get. A regular bowl will get you two scoops of protein for $9.55. Can you get a better deal at one of the other poke places in Rancho Cucamonga? Of course you can. Below are the menu options so you can see for yourself.

 <img src="shipjack poke.jpg" alt="Poke Places in Rancho Cucamonga"/>

   Regular (2 scoops of protein): $9.55

Large (3 scoops): $11.95

They also offer signature plates that vary in pricing.

   Yelp Reviews: 39   Stars: 4

The Poke Spot

 <img src="the poke spot.jpg" alt="Poke Places in Rancho Cucamonga"/>

The great thing about The Poke Spot is that you have different protein flavors to choose from that the other three poke places in Rancho Cucamonga don’t offer. These flavors include: Honey Garlic, Kimchi, Spicy Garlic Mayo, Hawaiian, Sweet and Spicy and Korean. If you can’t decide what flavor to get, don’t worry! They are always kind enough to give you a sample.

Medium (4 scoops): $9.95

Large (6 scoops): $11.95

Kids Bowl (2 scoops): $4.99

Veggie Bowl: $5.99

Aside from their poke bowls, they also offer burritos and acai bowls.

 Yelp Reviews: 150   Stars: 4

Honeyfish Poke


<img src="Honeyfish Poke.jpg" alt="Poke Places in Rancho Cucamonga"/>Honeyfish Poke is conveniently located in Victoria Gardens. If you don’t feel like dealing with parking, especially on the weekends, or just feel too lazy to drive, you can conveniently order via GrubHub.

 Small (2 scoops): $8.50

Regular (3 scoops): $10.50

Large (4 scoops): $12.50

 Yelp Reviews: 92   Stars: 3 ½

The Poke Place


<img src="The Poke Place.jpg" alt="Poke Places in Rancho Cucamonga"/>The Poke Place was the first poke spot in Rancho Cucamonga and became the precursor to all others that would open thereafter. Not feeling like getting rice or salad as your base? Well at The Poke Place, you have the option to select nacho chips instead.

Small (2 scoops): $7.99

Medium (3 scoops): $9.50

Large (4 scoops): $11.50

Yelp Reviews: 463   Stars: 4

These poke places all have their pros and cons per the reviews on Yelp, and with so many different taste preferences, not everyone will agree on which one is the best. But with four poke places in Rancho Cucamonga to choose from, you have the liberty of making your own decision and select which one pleases your own taste buds the most.

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